Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Up Too Late (Not Surprising) or Sometimes the Thoughts Won't Sleep

God made you.

Let that sink in…

Even if you don't believe, suspend your disbelief.

And think for a moment,
the Creator of the universe,
the infinite being who formed the Earth (Gen. 1:10), placed the stars in the sky and set the cosmos in motion (Gen. 1:14-15) knitted you in your mother's womb.
You are wonderfully made in His image. (Psalm 139:13-14)

He has a plan for you to prosper (Jer, 29:11) and to live life abundantly! (John 10:10)
He does not want you to be a slave, but to be his friend. (John 15:15)

And when we had separated ourselves from Him, He came to us in the person of Jesus (John 8:28) to share in our suffering and give Himself as a sacrifice to reconcile us. (John 15:13)

Like any other loving relationship, we can't expect this to be easy. There is sacrifice. (Luke 9:23) and there is obedience. (John 15:10) Jesus Himself experienced sorrow. (Luke 19:41), (John 11:35)

But there is mercy too.(John 8:11) And there is grace! (John 6:55-56)
Because we are made in His image, we have an eternal soul! (Gen. 2:7)
Because He came, suffered, and died for us, we have been reconciled! (Isaiah 53:5)
Because of His resurrection, we have hope for eternal life! (Luke 24:1-53)

When life is difficult, when you feel weak or insignificant, remember, God created you!

When you feel like you've made mistakes or you're imperfect, remember, God is merciful and you can always turn your heart back to Him!

When things aren't going your way and life isn't living up to your expectations, remember, God has a plan for you!

When you feel small, alone or unlovable, remember, God humbled Himself to become a helpless infant, live in our world, suffer agonizing torture, and lay down His life for you because He wants you to be with Him for eternity.

It's not always easy to believe. It's a leap of faith that can make you look foolish at times. It can set you at odds with this world and it can seem like a burden. But remember the words of Saint Pope John Paul II, “Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and Hallelujah is our song!”

Holy Week is here. Enjoy!

God Bless,